Project: Safe City


When selecting a security solution for a city, the priority is after protection of urban infrastructure and the people that live in. Presently the city is a mirror of modern life, rapid rhythm requiring any person to put down great emotional and physical costs, thus, setting comfortable and convenient for life environment is a task of high importance. These requirements cannot be ignored. Therefore, the solution in terms of “Safe City” should be smart and intelligent, should take care not only of security, but also comfortable life of citizens, should be cost-effective, and should grow and develop together with the city.

Safe City is a place wherein we live, and we shall do our best to make urban life comfortable, convenient and safe.semnalizare


Our experience ensures us to design reliable safety systems in terms of urban infrastructure enabling to provide quick
response to alarm event, thus eliminating crime level, car thefts, burglaries, robberies, property thefts and vandalism.

An option to connect the sensors to security system and to have real-time monitoring, may prevent accidents in terms of water and heat supply, monitor the condition of utilities and solve a wide range of tasks in relation with objects of housing and communal services. The system allows you to follow the traffic and environmental conditions in the city and is able to efficiently control any vital urban infrastructure objects.

Basic needs of urban and municipal authorities:


  • Video monitoring in terms of the state of public order in public places, on transport crossings with a task to locate and follows certain people, events documenting
  • Video monitoring and video surveillance over architectural and cultural centers to identify and record the acts of vandalism
  • An option for the citizens to contact directly, just from the street through the intercoms, the police and other urban emergency services
  • Control over urban traffic workload
  • Automatic search of vehicles, writing out receipts
  • Automated control over the traffic code violations
  • Control over the streets in order to arrange cleaning works, detection of certain facts and incident points of the main utilities, operational control of the firefighting


“Automated system safe city” increases work efficiency of all urban services aimed at population safety:

  • Ensuring the protection of public order and public safety;masini-frontiera
  • Increasing the effectiveness of operational services: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Traffic police and others, their actions coordination;
  • Preventing antisocial behavior and vandalism;
  • An option to provide timely information from urban facilities and to access video archives;
  • Reinforcing the security of strategically important sites of the city;
  • Increasing the speed of warning and providing relevant information to the public on the threat of emergency situations

To solve the said objectives efficiently, automated system “Safe City” based on digital system ensures:

    • Setup of highly informative situation center with an option to get video/audio information, receive priority in terms of management of cameras and devices included into the system;
    • 24 hours central and territorial surveillance, recording and automatic analysis of video received from the cameras;
    • Control of entry and exit of vehicles (vehicle identification by the state license plate);
    • Automated control over the traffic code violations;
    • Direct citizens contact with urban emergency services through the “Citizen-Police” system.

    The solution in terms of “Safe City” should be reliable and smart, should take care not only of security, but also comfortable life of citizens, should be cost-effective, and should grow and develop together with the city