Friedrich Steinbach GmbH & Co. KG KG has carried out numerous projects in several EU countries. All projects are listed below.

Construction projekts
  • Partnership with the construction company Sonbay Group, Turkey
  • Cooperation with the state agency of Turkey, TIKA
  • Friedrich Steinbach GmbH & Co.KG participates in the Discovery Hotel construction
  • Premium class business center construction and management
  • - Construction, maintenance and demarcation of the border of Transnistria, video control and central control centers and observation towers equipped with Licence Plate Recognition System (Bosch)
  • Making a turnkey construction of a residential block in the city of Linz, Austria
  • Friedrich Steinbach GmbH & Co.KG Reconstruction of a historic house with a surface of 2800 sqm.
  • Construction contract for 32 houses, on a 819 sqm land area, new MCC ecological design. Romania.
  • Construction project Davidgasse Wien.
  • Construction Industry Projects. IT solutions and Business Intelligence solution (BI) in the construction industry.
  • Involvement in the „White House” Construction Project
  • Construction project Bogenhausen Munich
  • Construction and development project. Land real estate property, planning, construction, management, security, facility management
Designing security systems
Installing and maintaining security systems
Projects for government institution, banks, airports, embassies, international projekts
Traffic management solutions
Soft development and implimentation
Brands Distribution and new branch opening
Trainings, consulting and seminars
Bodyguard services personal data and propriety protection