Preliminary consultations, financial and investment advisor (purchase objects: real estate, businesses, precious metals):

  • Juridical and law support
  • Civil and criminal cases
  • Risk control
  • Transaction registration
  • Preparation of necessary documentation
  • Visa support, supporting transactions from A to Z
  • Further client support
  • Tax support and maintenance activities, etc.

Business administration support:

  • Accounting and tax support
  • Development of the business plan
  • Optimization of existent operating companies
  • Buying operational companies (through due analysis) – access to the EU-covering database
  • Interim management companies
  • Property Management
  • Facility Management

ATTENTION! Final provisions: All transactions are official and 100% insured. Accounting reports are available upon request (and can be accessed on-line). The experience of our lawyers, tax and business analysts assure the optimization of operations and transactions in the most favorable way for the client.

Special Offers
Trainings and special courses, organization of tournament and tactical courses
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NEW: Trainings and special courses, organizational of tournament and tactical lessons


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