What we do

The (FSID) – Friedrich Steinbach GmbH Investment and Development Group is engaged in investment and development projects nationwide, specialized in the following segments:

  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Security
  • Hi Tech projects
  • Assets in select high barrier to entry markets

FSID teams and market research professionals provide coverage of the Eastern, Central, and Western regions of the EU, CIS, Middle East, and Africa allowing us to react quickly to market opportunities and leverage significant local expertise and prior market history for every major market project in the nation.

Our detailed due diligence project process utilizes the full resources of FSID’s vertically integrated business model, including Info Analytical Services, Property Management, Control Risk, Portfolio Management, Research and Development, Legal, Treasury, MIS, and Accounting professionals.

We are known for having significant access to capital, efficiency, and the capacity and expertise to execute multiple transactions simultaneously.