Who we are?

The (FSID) – Friedrich Steinbach GmbH Investment and Development Group is a diversified investment company group that consists of diversified companies, which goal is to sustain strong stable growth in the 21st century.

Since our founding in 1975, we developed our diversified businesses with sustainable quality and service.

During our 68-year-long history, we have invested, developed, and acquired a wide spectrum of projects:

  • Real estate: ranging from primary homes, resort condominiums and multifamily rental apartments to suburban office properties, research and development properties, business centers, limited service hotels, and historic commercial property restorations.
  • Security: Our daughter company Media Security runs since 30 years the traditional Security business. We have developed over 7,700 successful integrated security projects, provided services and solutions for private persons, public, business, energy, military, transport, and critical infrastructures. The company has been cooperating with NGO, aircraft, government and diplomatic sectors as well as oil, gas, and mining enterprises.

Company’s specialties are training centers, corporate investigation and intelligence, digital forensics, and encryption technology, while it is also purported to have direct action operatives on the ground in various countries around the world. Moreover, guarding provisions feature armed and unarmed guards, patrols, reaction teams, VIP security, as well as CIT cash-in-transit services, CPC –cash processing center that outsources to banks.

The company’s technology services include projecting, sales, installation and services, support for the CCTV system, access control, fire, anti-intrusion, perimeter detection, IT Security, congress conference and other complex integrated systems connected to a vast and unique CENTRAL MONITORING CENTER.

  • Our current Construction initiatives are focused primarily on the multifamily (both domestic and international), suburban office, historical reconstruction and industrial/flex business park sectors. We actively develop these types of constructions on behalf of our institutional co-investment partners and on our own account.
  • Through our International business we have real estate, security and construction underway with direct and joint venture investments from our headquarters in Austria and 14 regional branches located in Holland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Israel, and Africa.
  • Our staff comprises 550 professionals and associates.