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Video cameras, which detect the COVID-19 symptoms

Friedrich Steinbach GmbH implements several security solutions and system projects, including the most up-to-date fire-fighting systems in accordance with EN54 norms, burglar alarm systems, access control and video surveillance systems, armed guard services, collection and processing as well as system monitoring and intervention groups.

The struggle against COVID-19 involves the technologies that help enterprises, state institutions, supermarkets, warehouses or other economic activities with a high flow of people.
In existing video surveillance systems, a special video analytical software is installed, which detects some persons in the group, with highlighting and marking if the persons have masks, the body temperature is measured and an operator or another responsible person is immediately informed, it also automatically manages different equipment such as tourniquets, doors, doors, barriers, etc.
These systems can also be used in airports, customs crossing points, financial institutions, schools, etc., where at the same time there are more than 30 people and the verification procedure takes a long time, involving special staff, including security persons, all of whom can be replaced by artificial intelligence. of video analytics.
In the same way, the video analytical system detects the fire, the unsanctioned penetration of the criminals in the surveillance zones, the sabotage and malfunctioning of the equipment, the connections with POS terminals, the facial detection, the detection of the registration numbers of the vehicles, and many other facilities with the online connection 24×24 at the video monitoring center. Media Security.

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Fever Screening Thermal Imaging System_eng _FS